OSX: U-He popup selectbox workaround?


do you think there might be a workaround for the common selectbox problem with U-He plugins?

Currently all selectbox popups in any U-He plugins are not clickable as long as the “enable keyboard” option is checked. So then you will have to click that checkbox many times. I alrady asked U-He, they say it’s a Renoise problem. I think they use a normal system’s select box.

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This will be easier to fix in the plugins. Try contacting Uhe about this. Maybe they are not aware of this issue.

I tried 2 times, every time they said it’s a problem in Renoise…

It’s also the case with Reason Rack Plugin. You can scroll around and select stuff, but as soon as you try to double click to add anything it doesn’t register. As soon as you ‘enable keyboard’ it works.

(I’ve used Rosetta Renoise to check, because Reason acts weird on Apple Silicon native hosts [any Host])