OSX: Various problems with NI Replika VST/AU


I have an issue with the beta. When I open a song and then open another song, Renoise is not responding and I have to “force quit”.

To reproduce the bug:

  • Open a song from the disk browser

  • Open another song and so on (It something really random…)

  • At a certain moment, Renoise will not respond

Is it a compatibility issue with the previous beta? Is it a plugin issue (I know that Renoise struggle to scan NI Replika…)?

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I removed Replika and now everything seems to be ok!

Does NI Replika work at all on OSX El Capitan, on your new setup now, or did this only happen with that specific song?

Replika is working in my setup but Renoise always have troubles to scan it.

For example, if i remove the files from the preference folder, Renoise will rescan all my plugins and when it comes to Replika. Renoise will crash…

FYI: I have the latest version of El Capitan and the latest version of Replika

Thank you Taktik!

Does it work in other hosts and is it the AU or VST version which causes problem? Is this a 32 or 64 bit version of Renoise/Replika?

Yes, it’s working in Logic.

Unfortunately, VST versions are causing problems. I have a 64 bit version of Renoise and Replika.

I reinstall Replika and it’s the same problem, I took a screenshot:

EDIT: It seems to be the VST version of Replika which causes problems

Hello and sorry for the late reply.

The crash while scanning happens after opening both, the AU and VST version of NI Replica after each other. Renoises plugin scan first searches for AU plugins, then VST plugins, so the VST version of Replika will crash down when getting unloaded. This happens in other hosts as well and very very likely is a bug in the plugin.

When loading/saving songs with multiple instances of Replika, some other weirdthings are happening too. Plugin instances start “corrupting” memory then it seems. Hard to debug, hard to say what exactly could be the problem.Should report that to NI as well, so they can have a closer look into this.

Thank you for your answer !

I will not use it anymore. I bought delay plugin from other companies.