Other good music production forums?

Hey ppl.

I’d like to find another forum about music production topics where I could get involved in discussions.

Any tips for non-renoise music production forums in english/german language? I’d rather not like places where pop and mainstream shit is dominating, I’d like to find a place about non-mainstream breaks/dnb/techno/dub/ambient/beats/rap styles with friendly community and not too much cold “we’re all dark evil elite thus we don’t talk to noobs and to each other only with grim eye” shit going on.

I’d mostly like to discuss sound design, mixing, mastering on a proper lvl, and discussion of own music. It doesn’t have to be on a pro lvl, just something where productions above the average shitty mixed hobby stuff won’t be totally off above the usual showcases.

Thanks for any good hints.


i hoped the fl studio forum would be a place 70% as you describe instead its like 100 posts a day and you get almost 0 feedback for any post i mean its obvious Fl has a larger community

but not any engaging discussions people only asking for feature x …and feature y and some beginners asking for support its like …why dont you make some music !!! and talk about it here

anyways i’m going instead to discord servers for specific communities i’ve met really talented producers and nice people there

btw the renoise discord got 0 activity :frowning: