Other Trackers? Mt3/it3/skale/aerostudio

Renoise is my tracker of choice. I’m not switching! (and also thanks for OSX/Intel mac version!)

I was just thinking about the other projects.

Impulse Tracker 3 /FLAW -
I was just thinking back to 2001, when they promised Impulse Tracker 3 (they still are promising it!), and what happened to IT3’s spin-off FLAW ? (did FLAW turn into AeroStudio?)

AeroStudio -
What does everyone think of AeroStudio? It seems to been not supported since 2004 though. (and it had a $90 price tag?)

Madtracker 3 -
Madtracker 2 is good (and has been improved with VSTi support). Madtracker has awesome support and functionality. Anyone think that they’ll use MadTracker 3 (which has been in development for a few years)?

FastTracker 3/ Skale -
I liked the FastTracker 3 (Skale) program, but it lacked real automation like Renoise. It’s got that ‘old school’ feel, but it’s far less developed than Renoise.

Bottom line:

Renoise is BEST

Skale is IMHO not stable enough. IT3 and FT3 are jokes, I guess. There was Xtracker32 but I don’t know what happened to it. MT is a nice tool but I hate the gui

As dufey said: Renoise is the BEST

i was salivating over IT3 for the longest time… until i found renoise and realized that i don’t need any stinkin impulse tracker!!!

I agree Renoise is the best :) , I was just wondering “what ever happened to…”

Link with update Impulse Tracker 3? It was updated just in October, but they’ve said the same thing for years:


Then there is Impulse Tracker 3 spin-off DSPAudio (FLAW creators iCE) ?


It looks crazy!

It looks like the programmers gave up on building all required UI elements and just coded a translator engine so that the musician has to do the rest of the coding work.
This sounds a bit lazy imho.
On the other hand, if you know what you are doing, the possibilities seem endless, though only if you use it’s own internal sampleplayer.
Nice versatile and unlimited scripting possibilities do not circumvent VST protocol’s technical limitations.

It would be sooo damn kool if Renoise would be able to support BUZZ machines… I’ve heard that FL supports it btw…

ceejay: BUZZ import was made, but a lack of agreement with BUZZ author prevented to publish it. there was a big flame about this on the forum, so please don’t talk about this anymore :)

I guess that impulse tracker 3 will come out one day ;)

It’s been promised since 1998. Not much progress since then.

When that day comes, I staying with Renoise. Renoise is generally perfect for me. (yes, I know everyone wants features added, but shut up already and just make the music!)

max/msp :(

I was MT2 until I found Renoise, then I switched to OS X so they got me locked.

My tracker of choice will always be FT2 though… :P

What are the best settings in DOSBox to get FT2 some sort of smooth?

I never figured this out for myself, on OS X, if I knew i’d be a much happier person.

Also, some decent settings for Analogic/AXS would be nice too.

go for milkytracker (I know you already know it, but I think there is really little sense in using FT2 now that there is Milkytracker

Impulse Tracker 3 /FLAW -
Forget it…

Just another copy of Buzz, no much new stuff in comparision with Buzz (project - stoped)
AeroStudio is new generation of tracker.

Madtracker 3
it is good, but it’s only a tracker.

FastTracker 3/ Skale -
It’s good, but it’s only a tracker.

If you like trackers style, use Renoise. Renoise is the best Tracker around. If you like new aproach to trackers, try Buzz.

Something new, Renoise with Buzz functions, will be great choice. For now Buzz project is stopped, Renoise doesn’t or can’t accept some great ideas by Buzz.

And in other hand you have www.buzzle.de.

For me I would like to see something as Renoise 2, which will have Buzz ideas etc… But I think will never see that happend.

What about dreamstation 2?

No way man, vertical scrolling for life!


Dreamstation 2? ooh, forgot about that. Its supposed to come out pretty soon. It’s in beta testing now. (and it has a tracker interface built in, although a little different)


Now THAT seems interesting! :)

Always love to try out a new tracker, concidered registering for the betatesting, but I think I’ll just wait for the public release. Don’t feel like committing to something I might not like… :unsure: