Other Types Of Art

Just going through some of my stuff and found a few old drawings…and it got me thinking
I want to know how many people here indulge in other art forms, be it photography, painting…whatever you can think of really. Doesn’t have to be good :)
I used to love drawing random stuff (been a while now actually)

heres a little thingumy to get the topic rolling…

cool thread. interesting because i just recently found some similar old drawings i did. not quite as detailed as yours … but hey…

or if you wanna talk photography, i used to do a bit of urban exploration :)

get f*****.

are you my evil (good?) twin ?

that place looks awesome.

without wanting to say too much…have a look at this site for some cool stuff taken by some friends…


I do art / music getting into animation
heres a quick sketch from few years back


Well, considering drawings: I do some 3D-stuff with Blender and Wings3D but most of this stuff is crap. I also do some video-cutting as you probably know. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC7OEEmTzMg…ch=hardstyle.tv for an example.

thanks for the link man! i love reading sites like this. some great pictures on there :)

i like streetart. in the early 90 there was a group called ptt:red (paint the town red); just fo example.

I recently bought a digital SLR and I’m starting to get into photography a bit. Although I mostly use it to take vacation photos and stuff like that, I get more and more interested in the actual art of shooting.

Otherwise me and my brother have a common interest in making documentary movies. The only serious project though so far is the “Sahara Marathon” movie we did two years ago. It didn’t turn out as good as we wanted though and Swedish TV and the local film festival turned it down. But it got shown publically twice and a few schools and organisations bought it :) As a side note, the biggest problem was to run and film at the same time :P

shakycam to the max!

Alexstrain: Why cencored? Wicked drawing mate!

thanks :)
…but don’t think too hard about whats under that black square. Its not that interesting anyway.

(relates to living, loving and losing, etc)