OTT Update - Free Multiband Upward and Downward Compressor

Figured we may as well have a topic for this. Link:

Ok so this little plugin until recently had imo very limited use, though what it was good for it was REALLY good for. It was a combination upward and downward compressor with only a few controls that basically amounted to “how much do you want to squash the hell out of your track?”

The compression still very strong, but now you have separate knobs for upward and downward, so you can turn one off completely if you want. You also have level trim controls for the 3 bands, and you can ctrl click on a band to disable the compression on it.

What I like most about this, is that I can turn downward compression completely off and have a nice upward compressor for the rare occasions where I might feel like that’s what I need. As I said in a status, I did this for my bass guitar in front of my amp sim, and applied just a (relatively, like below 20%) gentle amount of upward compression, and along with the band controls it made my bass guitar sound amazing. I had a problem where my E string was just too boomy compared to other strings, and the mid range grittiness wasn’t cutting through very well. Obviously you can’t just fix this with EQ because it would make it too not boomy on the other strings. Multiband compression was already in my sights but I never got the results I really wanted, and I really just didn’t like the sound of squishing the transients with normal compression. OTT really does the trick for me IMO. Levels off the boominess and brings out the grit (I put OTT before the amp sim) without squashing the transients.

Highly recommend trying it, but using it gently and rarely, but it does what it does extremely well.