Otto Von Granular Sythesis

Of course!but i wasnt looking for encouragement or agreement i was just stating that i ripped it from hotfile :ph34r:,i didnt supply any links or anything so i didnt break any rules?It wasnt even the point of this thread i just mentioned it in passing but people got there knickers in a twist over it :wacko:.That dude is right aswell renoise comes with breaks as samples!!As far as im aware zero-g are the current owners of the amen break and various record companies own the rights to the others but i guess that a little off the point.As for saying i download from hotfile was a stupid thing to say,in ireland nobody gets prosecuted for downloading or uploading and my current isp (UPC) recently won a huge court case and now the company is protected by law and does not have to share any information with any 3rd parties from outside the state control,the only exception is eircom who now have a 3 strike system for ONLY uploaders,3 times and you get disconnected.This is far from kvr…i dont even know why you draw comparisons with them dblue??The only similarity i see is that its an audio forum?ANYWAYS THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP :angry:

Obviously the Renoise forum and KVR forum are different entities, but there are still a lot of similarities. We still get a lot of general audio discussion here, such as people asking for tips on mixing and production, people discussing which plugins are useful, people discussing techniques for creating certain sounds etc. (like you just did), so from that point of view both forums are very similar.

All I’m saying is that you’re lucky this forum is more laid back than KVR when it comes to general discussion, otherwise you’d probably be banned by now simply for mentioning warez. How about you go over to KVR now and start a similar thread, mentioning the fact that you’re using a warez copy of Audiomulch that you downloaded from Hotfile, and see how long you last? I guarantee you it won’t be long.

The politics of warez usage, or whether or not people actually get prosecuted for downloading warez in Ireland (or any other country), is completely beside the point here. Don’t be so naive. The point is that there was absolutely no reason for you to even mention the fact that you’re using warez - it had nothing to do with your post and did not benefit things in any way.

You could have just said that you tried the Audiomulch demo instead, which not only helps to prevent our readers from immediately thinking it’s OK to download warez (some will interpret your words this way whether you like it or not), but it could also encourage them to actually check out the demo first and possibly even turn them into a paying customer. It’s one simple thing that you could have thought about first, which could have prevented this entire off-topic discussion from taking place at all.

All I’m asking is that you be a bit more respectful on this forum, and to think about your words and the effect they may have on others.

Audiomulch? I remember 1999…

Good times.

PS: can everyone stop talking about warez now? I think everyone made their point. Don’t fucking ruin the thread by keeping this going. All future replies should be on topic, or I predict someone is going to lock the thread. As I am the instigator of many flamewars and locked threads, I am not judging, I’m just pointing out the obvious.

so, what exactly does Otto von Schirach use?


ha, i knew i had heard the name “von schirach” somewhere

think its a coincidence? :)

probs not… i guess otto was trying to impress some girls from “bund deutche mädels” and took that surname. :>>> (edit: omg, my humour is shit today lol… sorry)


hello, i can has lebensraum and/or heimat plz??? (scout scarf iz ok too!!)[/center][center]

Someone asked me if i had audiomulch so i told them where i got it,theres absolutely no point in being so strict about what people talk on this forum,i didnt break any rules and its up to each individual to take responsibility for their own actions,this isnt playschool!People can interpret a lot of things from anything and its not my job to worry about what they may or may not think.I can speak freely if i so choose and i think everybody should respect this liberty.Censorship because of hypothetical situations is just plain silly and over the top in my opinion.Obviously i wouldnt have said that on KVR but im not on KVR so why mention it?I do realise this is the renoise forum,im not that stupid:blink:.Dblue are you an admin here?

I am convinced that otto is a reaktor user also i think i should mention im not even a fan of his music but i do like a lot of his glitchy sounds.8000 bc is the only album i really like from him as its a bit more serious and doesnt rely so heavily on humour.Sometimes i think he uses humour as a filler too much and it does get kind of old when all the tracks he makes try to be funny id like to hear him try something different.

Dude, just drop it. It’s a forum rule (and just polite) on many forums to not talk about warez. If you can’t see why that behaviour makes you look like a complete douche its just really sad.

Nope. It just bothers me to see stuff like that being discussed so casually.

Look… all I’m suggesting is that you could have used a bit more common sense and maturity, by responding to the earlier post with something like “Yes, I’ve tried Audiomulch” instead of “I have Audiomulch, I ripped it off Hotfile”.

I’m not trying to censor you, I’m just saying that you didn’t need to announce that to the world in the first place. It’s small but important difference that changes the tone of your entire post. Can you at least recognise that? If you can’t recognise it, or just don’t care, then fair enough… I won’t waste any more time on it.

For what it’s worth, I apologise for contributing to the derailment of the thread, but I don’t take back anything that I’ve said.

Anyway… let’s forget about it I guess.

Who pissed in your cornflakes! :wacko:

Hey look i was just being open,no immaturity about it also i really didnt expect such uproar about warez youd swear it was murder!The derailment thing i was only messing if u read back i sorted it out like in the second post so talking about warez is fine and its interesting how people responded to it

It’s comical how bad you’re overreacting as soon as something is said you don’t like/is against your ideals.

must… stop… urge… to… make comparisson… to shoplifting

Alright, so everything is o.k. again now ^^

Mr crankypants,you seem like a man in need of a hug! :P

I could use some vacation :P

il be honest i was hoping youd get really annoyed at that smart let me down. <_<

Sorry man, next time I’ll try to be a little more like you. (j/k, j/k)

Penis enlargers dont work miracles you know :yeah:

I didn’t, never had to use 'em. But thanks for the heads up anyway. (seriously, this is too easy… shouldn’t we get back on topic?)

you will soon,only the big boys play up here kid.Youll have to beat the bitches off with a big stick.No only joking my silly-boy is adequate at best,well ive never had any complaints??So it cant be that small?I have big balls though so that must account for something.Big dangly balls.yep. :unsure: