Otto Von Granular Sythesis

Anybody know what otto von schirach uses for his granular synthesis??Sounds great!I got audiomulch to run my sounds through its granulator and its sounds pretty nasty,but im just wondering what the otto man uses cuz his sounds are BOSS…h?v=G5cXDZ6wn2A that song blows my mindbox

and while im here anybody know of any good spectral filters??i have all the soundhax stuff

Oh I dunno if you have tried OhmForce’s Ohmicide? Thats a good one for distortion and filtering… Give 'er a try ;)

I emailed him and will have an answer soon i hope. I now want to know ;)


Yeah i have it,more just looking for spectral filters,while im not sure what he uses,ive just found a crazy tool that can make sounds like in the video i posted here,its called vortex and its by twisted tools made for reaktor 5.I bought it ages ago and only figured out how to work it today,if u twist the sample knob it scans through its sample library,doing this fast while tweaking the other paramaters at the same time gives you all that liquid metal squelchy goodnes.Then just sample hours of that with your own samples loaded into it and use them in renoise!

o yeah and this eats hippies too

i dont know

but he have made a library for kontakt,that i have,and its quite good,especially if you hve kontakt(obviously)then you can see sort of see how he processes sounds

Yeah i have that,i have to say i dont like it at all.Im fairly sure he uses a lot of spectral filtering and granuliser effects.Its just his granuliser seemed to produce much better sounds than the native audiomulch one.I think im in love with the buffeater from twisted tools.Im gonna stick to that monster.Any good spectral filters that you know of?aside from soundhax and pluggo?

i think when you try to get close to pttos sounds,you cant go totally wrong with that one,but sure you dont learn anything(because it IS sounds he made-gg-)

i have tried almost(i think )all the free spectral vsts out there(im a cheapskate.

but sofar the only good stuff for spectral granular stuff i have found(and im still a nOOb )is

plogue bidule

and you cn rewire it with renoise,but its not free though,and the development is SLOW as hell,but its still awesome

just heard the video you posted ,and i must say this in my ears arent music(BUT THATS JUST MY OPINION)

get a sequencer(renoise or not)throw alot of differnenr effects on the tracks,record,take out the best parts,resample.

rinse the above

or better yet

you said you own the library he made for kontakt

then try to recreate the sounds as good as you can,i dont know any freeware spectral plugs that are as good as bidule,or even audiomulch,but try to see if you can come up with something,afaik both bidule and audiomulch are available as demos,try them out,but they can be a little :panic: at first,thats how i feel about LUA :lol:

awesome spectral filter

there are lots of them out there

maybe in the future(and i think it will come)we will be lucky to have/or make something thats good for this stuff

I have audiomulch,i ripped it off hotfile.Dont have bidule i will have to try it out and ottos library kinda blows imo.Its ok now that ive found buffeater,i will be able to do what i wanted to do now

Thanks a lot,that does look like a little have to pull down its knickers.

then you DONT have audiomulch “suuucker”

if you just rip shit,why dont you go to KVR instead???

Maybe because he doesn’t want to pay more for a VST than he actually paid for his DAW. <_<

I remember when Audiomulch was free. Admittedly you had to re-download it every 30 days or so as it was 0.x versions and going through a lot of changes so the developer wanted to make sure you had latest version all the time ;)

Thank you for injecting a little sanity.I cant afford the ridiculous prices for vsts.I happen to enjoy money.

Fucking hell, there are enough free/very cheap VSTs to rival all of the major commercial players if you look hard enough and are bright enough to use them

Give credit where credit is due. I happen to like getting paid for doing a job and I’d bet that you feel the same

I buy cheap vsts if they are good enough.I never said i dont buy anything,if something is good enough quality and i use it all the time i will buy it e.g Renoise.Have to disagree about free vst rivalling commercial vsts though,from my experience commercial vsts tend to be of a higher quality than free vsts.Sure i use a lot of free vsts but for areas of production that rely and good sonic quality i nearly always use commercial.For a lot of things my choice of vst tends to be commercial,but not just because i am biased and think commercial = better,just through a few years of refining my gear my weapons of choice have lead me to believe that commercial seems to top a lot of free plugs when it comes to some things especially things like compressors,limiters,mastering and of course e.q.My problem with some commercial vsts is when they are ridiculously overpriced.I mean look at renoise a solid,slick,top quality daw and for a great price.Paying 100 euro r more for certain types of virtual plugins is just being plain ripped off.But if u have to blow then why not??unfortunately if i was to pay for all my plugins that i download i would probably have no money and so its easier for me to download obviously.Also i hope you dont download music because if u do then your being hypocritical and theres nothing worse than a hypocrite.

Ok so this thread is now about justifiing illegal downloading…

If this were the KVR Audio forum then people would have been banned by now, no question about it. Luckily, this forum usually doesn’t need to be moderated so heavily, since we’re all usually pretty respectful towards each other.

@ToybOx … You’re free to do whatever you like of course, and I’m not going to argue with you over anything, but I will simply request that you please try to use a bit more tact in the future when speaking on this forum. Openly admitting that you’re using pirated software that you downloaded from Hotfile is really, really stupid, no matter what. It gives Renoise a bad name when that kind of stuff appears to be tolerated by the community and forum staff.

I agree with dblue here bud. Bad karma. Some of these kids now a days do not understand and it’s like commonstace for pirating… "hey man I downloiaded that new *** flick here at this site CHECK IT OUT!! over like some pop forum thats moderated… moderators leech this info to authorities because, well, if they dont THEY’RE responsible… Like dblue said though its good as a general rule to keep that scene hush hush if that’s your bag of tea… can’t say i’ve really took part in war… i mean pirating rrrrrrr ;)

Respect&Bless Up.


Well, actually this isn’t directly about pirating software (for me at least, lol). This is more about ridiculous overpricing.

In my opinion there’d be more people who’d buy quality software if it were cheaper, instead ‘they’ sell it at high prices and only make it available for richies and people who’ve made money with their job…
Not really the best strategy when ‘they’ know how quick the kid next door can get something of the internet.

Also there is an Amen and Apache sample packed with Renoise. :P

Anywaaaays, to get this topic back in the right direction check out some fine vsts those guys made! Check out Bram’s Crazy Ivan plugin. Very unpredictable though, but with some resampling you’re set to create some great tracks. AMIRITE? ;)

OT, but I want to tell you something. I wish I can paid for a lot of software, but here, in the “third world” some plugins worth more than a salary.
That said, we cannot encourage piracy in the forums.