Our Album is finally out!

Some things just seem to take forever.
Finally the Debut Needle Factory album is here! Recorded completely in Renoise (including vocals)
Check it out here. (links to spotify-itunes-amazon etc)


Would like to extend our thanks to the Renoise team for 10 years of development that make it the coolest tracker and DAW in the world bar non!


this music pulled something in me :walkman:


nice image! :ph34r:

Sounds really cool… Hope you guys have some more fun with renoise for the upcoming decade.

Listened to the compilation of excerpts at soundcloud. Great stuff guys!!
I especially loved the parts from 3:42 to 5:36 and 7:13 to the end. Some parts reminded me of the good old days of Depeche Mode. Impressed :) Wishing you lots of luck with the release!

Thanks for the feedback guys… and yes! always with renoise and looking forward to seeing how things develop for 2013.
feel free to comment on our SC timeline thingy :)