Out Of Ideas ?

are you sitting at your desk staring at your Renoise, wondering what button to push next? are you absentmindedly stirring your tea while six seconds of something play an endless loop? have you just impregnated a girl half your age* and her whole family is into shaolin kung fu?

are you out of ideas?

come find some new ones at the ‘Out Of Ideas’ mega-thread!

  • joke not applicable to very young people.

“Of of ideas” is like stating a fact which cannot change. I’d rather go for “feeling uninspired”, which everybody can experience now and then. In such a case, “just make music anyway” is IMHO pretty dangerous advice.

I’d settle for “meditate on Renoise” or perhaps “have a tool downloadathon” (the sex part being a bit offtopic)

  • draw own music production gimmicks/techniques list (to organize workflow)
  • prepare song producing flowchart
  • listen to some music you hate and go make something better
  • meet up with some friends for drinks
  • try some reverse soundsculpting
  • call your mother
  • take a shit
  • smoke something strange (can be dangerous though)
  • go on an adventure
  • watch discovery channel
  • call your father
  • call your grandparents
  • do whatever the hell you like
  • take a shower
  • jump on the couch
  • play with your pet
  • draw covers for produced albums

render all the 4 pattern renoise “songs” that are resting on your harddrive to wav-files

import those wav-files as samples in a new renoise song

make a megamix by mixing all the wavs together and experiment like crazy

…or you could just start learning Lua scripting for Renoise

  • join a competition (such as the awesome Dead Dog Renoise Compo)
  • read through all the other tips&tricks
  • build a castle
  • be a nosy neighbor
  • go work in your garden or take care of some plant(s)
  • eat something
  • drink something
  • go to the Pro Tools site and find out the price, feel good about yourself

In this order
-Clean computer desktop
-Open a beer
-Watch porn
-Eat a cookie
-Start renoise

5 imposed on 8.
3 cycled with 7.
16 with 24, expanded by 1 each time.
Add 1 when it counts.
Subtract 1 and hold on any.
0 is a valid expression.
7 relative to 7 possibilities.

I start (and never finish) a lot of 1-4 pattern songs, so this is also my preferred method for recycling those songs/beats into new material. :)

+1, plus try to remake old songs.

other than this, just stay away from Renoise for a while

01 the body and the senses
02 feelings
03 place and change of place

04 measure and shape
05 living things
06 natural phenomena

07 behavior and the will
08 language
09 human society and institutions

10 values and ideals
11 arts
12 occupations and crafts

13 sports and amusements
14 the mind and ideas
15 science and technology

Dopamine and the frontal lobes

i don’t try to be creative when i’m out of ideas (the luxury of being an amateur i guess :P) but rather do i read up on something or play with an instrument or plug.

I wish i had an optional dog. :)

you’ve got lots of ideas but your mind can’t accept them so you erase them from your memory, and repeat to yourself that you’ve got no ideas anymore, but it’s a kind of denial ; maybe these ideas are unacceptable, they go against you’re beliefs, your image, your position, or because they could not be understood by listeners. anyway, you’re ideas are rejected by the consciousness, because you’ve got a fear that they won’t be accepted by others, listeners, or yourself, and they finally are like born dead creatures. stop thinking that you allready know what is the good way or the bad way for your own musical life and developpement, music is not an opinion, it’s something that you do, that only happens in the present, and everything that goes out of your mind and under your fingers, can be the starting point of something interesting. open the doors with no judgment at all on everything that goes through your brain and hands, this aptitude to work with ‘something unallowed’, is what listeners hope to see and hear in secret from you, and if some listeners are too moronic, just create side projects so that you reach other listeners.

always works true wonders:
10 buy some hardware synth workstation, no matter how expensive
20 try to write a track with the internal arranger, sounds & fx
30 try harder
40 fail miserably
50 return to renoise
60 sell hardware synth workstation
70 goto 10

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  • switch samples/instruments randomly
  • try to think about your music in categories other than hot/fat/crisp/u name it
  • write down captha system passwords and try to imagine how “abnominal maes” sounds
  • hit “random” button in Oatmeal.vst
  • listen to this guy http://soundcloud.com/kangding-ray

Eat shrooms, anything you do in Renoise will sound amazing. ^_^