Out Of Memory Errors

i’m running renoise 2.6.1 version and on one song i’m using pretty heavy sample based plugins that load samples into memory and while i didn’t see any problems with the earlier version, now i’m keeping getting the following errors:

I’m having 6 GB RAM, renoise uses around 3.2 GB, and all together it is around 4 GB RAM used at the time i’m trying to save the song and get these erors.

Do you have any ideas?

I guess that’s the 32bit limit? When I remember right Renoise works still with 32bit. So it’s not able to adress more than about 3.2 GB of RAM. I didn’t care about 64bit for Renosie yet in anyway, so maybe I’m wrong.

Yep, it’s the memory limit of 32-bit programs causing this.

You could try jBridge as a workaround. With it you can bridge 64bit plugins to 32bit host or even 32bit to 32bit to overcome the memory limit of single program. Don’t know how well it works tho, haven’t used my self and people I know using it use it to bridge 32bit to 64bit.

Demo can be found from here.

Well, i’m not using 64 bit plugins, since there aren’t that many, especially the older ones that i use, and the host (renoise) is 32 bit anyways… But i will try looking at that app you recommended, thanks

I tried Jbridge and it really helped!