Out Of Office...

i’ve been silent in this beginner’s lua forum for some time

fyi, i’m slowly recovering from an incident where i was physically abused and humiliated

although i’m glad to still be alive, i took it pretty hard and now i feel depressed and scared of people

but i will try to recover and get back to lua scripting again as soon as possible

i still think it’s a good idea to have this “Beginners’ Lua API Sandbox” subforum and i hope that you forum admins won’t take it down because of the current low subforum activity

i’m very grateful to the devs for letting us have scripting in renoise, it’s such a nice opportunity for creative minds to extend renoise, and it’s always very inspiring to see the birth of new tools

@.xrns: sorry to hear that man. was wondering why you were silent for a while.

Had a few things I’ve almost posted in here recently but just pushed through and found the solutions. Maybe I should be being more verbose and publishing my progress/findings…

Don’t worry. We’re too lazy to remove the subforum.

Have a speedy recovery.