Output 14 bit MIDI CC (& Running MIDI statuses)


I am new to renoise. I would like to send 14 bit MIDI CC messages to an external MIDI device (that I am developing), but only seem to be able to send a single 7 bit value. Using the “General Purpose Controller 1” on MIDI channel 1 as an example, I want to send the 14 bit value via the following 6 or 5 byte sequence:

0xB0 Control Change for Channel 1

0x10 CC 16General Purpose Controller 1 MSB

0x__ Most significant 7 bits of value

0xB0 Control Change for Channel 1 ( Optional if MIDI running statuses can be enabled! )

0x30 CC 48General Purpose Controller 1 LSB

0x__ Least significant 7 bits of value

I want to be able to do this in order to be able to, for example, use a renoise LFO to control the cutoff frequency of my external MIDI device at 14 bit resolution (16384 different values) rather than 7 bit (128 different values)

Is this possible?

Additionally, is it possible to enable MIDI running statuses in order to regain some of the already limited MIDI bandwidth?



I was hoping this might have a solution since I’m about to start using renoise to sequence my eurorack via an expert sleepers Fh2 module… Controlling amplitude with a renoise lfo though, I’m not sure it’s even 14bit to begin with, it sounds very harsh and steppy. Are some of the renoise modulation sources actually quantised to ticks with no smoothing?