Output channel in a VSTi, what does it mean?

I’m testing a trial version of vocaloid and I’ve noticed an option of this VSTi is a choice of 1 to 16 out channel on it (selection of output channel connected with host application, so here host is Renoise)

The fact is thats I don’t know what it is really mean and how can I know the output channel Renoise is using on my song?

Hello Fabrice check the plugin routing tab
With multiple output you can route each out to a Renoise “Track” / FX.
Most of the time the vsti’s with multiple output’s are drum-machines. So you can route the kick to a disto , the snare to a reverb etc …

Si tu as besoin d’infos plus claires , on peut le faire en français en PM si tu le souhaites :slight_smile:routing

Thank you you, I understand better. I have to experiment a bit now to view how I can compose with this.

Merci pour la proposition de conseils en français! ^^
Je crois que je comprend mieux comment ça fonctionne, je vais expérimenter maintenant.
[French mode off] :slight_smile:

You’re welcome
This feature is also very useful when using soundbanks in samplers such as Kontakt / Halion / Keyscape etc … You can layer soundbanks with different treatements on each without loading multiple instance of the main sampler.

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