Output Level Slider For Exciter

I have no idea what the exciter does, but I love how it sounds. However, there’s one thing that bugs me: it raises the signal’s level, which makes it hard to do an accurate A/B comparison of the processed and unprocessed sound, since merely raising a song’s volume tends to make it sound better. Because of this, it’s hard to tell how exactly the exciter affects the sound.

This could be easily solved by adding an output level slider, so that you can adjust the processed signal to be equally loud as the the dry signal.


Even better would be automatic gain compensation, without any need for a manual slider (this would be valuable on the Distortion effect too).

Hi guys. I made up some DSP Chains that might be a solution for this issue. Please see here: Gain Compensation

Thanks, that’s very useful. :)

It doesn’t entirely solve the issue with the A/B comparison, though (you have to disable both the exciter and the gainer).

Yes, having a meta-bypass button for the whole chain would be good. You could get around this with use of send tracks, but it’s still more than a few clicks to get an A-B happening. Do it quick! :P