Gain Compensation

Hi there all. Here are some DSP chains for Renoise using the native FX.

Gain Compensation - Bus Compressor
Gain Compensation - Cab Sim
Gain Compensation - Chorus
Gain Compensation - Distortion
Gain Compensation - Exciter
Gain Compensation - Scream Filter

Load these onto the desired channel, and use the Hydra Input slider to set the desired effect - gain will be compensated (as best as I could get it).

These are a guide only. Please do not take these as absolute solutions - you will need to fine tune DSP settings depending on your input sound and the purpose of effecting. For example with the Exciter, you could disengage certain bands in the Hydra and readjust the ranges accordingly depending on your area of focus.

Hope some people find these, at least in concept, useful. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Very usefull usage of the Hydra device indeed ! I like the Cabinet Simulator and Distorsion chains. Sidechaining this “compensator” gives me interesting results.

Glad to see these being used. :)

the links are broken and seams rather usefull…

( venturing into old nice tips forum posts… )

I don’t have the files but since 3.0 a doofer could be used for the same thing.