Outrageous/Kickass Pop Song Remixes

Lady Gaga - Just Dance (MFS Breakcore remix)
Shitmat - Ace of Base Babylon


Grooveshark sucks my balls :(

wot wot!
timbaland remix by kidwolfman.

Are you on an iPhone? :o

I’d have used youtube for the lady gaga remix, but Grooveshark is the only site I can find it on… I’m not even sure who did it

that lady gaba remix was awesome :drummer:

He’s got another Lady Gaga remix (Poker Face) on his MySpace. http://www.myspace.com/mfsdarkside

Not pop but I quite enjoyed listening to the remixes on this yesterday. http://sociopath-recordings-releases.blogspot.com/2009/04/srmp3-108-mithra-childhood-remixes.html

sociopath recordings is a great label,i got a release on that label along time ago,and will be releasing some new stuff there too soon

Some wicked stuff! Although you do have to filter through a fair bit of gumph with the amount they put out it’s not really surprising.

Another one from them.


Not superb, but interesting non the less.

And a classic loved by everyone. :walkman:


Britney Spears - Toxic (16bit Remix)


oh yeah, that tune is so fucking nice

beat this

This one’s kinda “meh”, but I figured I’d add it in as it fits the bill


Spice Girls VS Alec Empire:


Britney Spears, industrial style: