Outstanding Group Buy

Apparently they’re trying a new marketing strategy, practically giving their software away for donations. You donate $1.95 (which is practically nothing), thus entering the group buy which will end when they reach 150 000 entries. I know it’s a lot, but I’m pretty sure they can do it!

Oh, and for those who wonder, Wusicstation 3 has 2 gigs of awesome samples, and the upgrade to v4 will be same price as listed now. Which is not too bad either.

Quite the idea, they make money and people get wicked cheap software! :D


im not sure theres that number of people in the world who have the means and motivation to use it…
like, a game that sells 100,000 copies is a moderate success…

I wonder how they will demonstrate if the number will not be reached: will they publish the entire subscribers list and if someone will not find himself in will organize a class action against them?

They didn’t put any time limit on this, so that might just not happen.

I really think this is a great way of promoting software, why should anybody organize a class action when it’s clearly stated the money is non refundable?

Says on the website: “Duration of this Group-Buy: Until December 10th 2007”

So that’s around 833 people per day they need, every day, for 6 months. Quite ambitious! I hope it works out.


Strange, they have conflicting information in that case.

From the faq:

“What happens if after July 2008 you don’t reach over 150,000 users?”

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And besides, too bad for me for missing that deadline.
Kind of makes me loose faith on the whole concept, the timeframe seems unrealistic. Still hoping for the best, as this might open up a whole new way of marketing software.

Another interesting and somewhat related project would be http://www.aswarmofangels.com/ , gathering funds from donations and giving them a say in the production via a voting system. Much like Renoise’s backstage voting system as I figure.

If you do it for renoise make it a bit smarter; a sliding scale of price depending on the number of people who sign up - ie: everyone pays 5 bucks, and at the end, if they dont reach the amount, the buyer makes up the difference (if they want the copy), which would be worked out by how many people actually did sign up…ie, if you reach 10,000 add another 10 bucks, if you reach 20,000 add another 5 bucks, etc

Agree, a sliding scale is the way to go. Small goals are better than a maybe unrealistic goal.

I’ll probably buy it once they get like 70% +

Do you have any idea how much work this is to manually create user accounts for 20.000 people?
The idea is nice, but i don’t think we have enough administration gnomes to give all these people an account.

i kinda have a general idea of what this software does.
is this good for using long samples? or am i confusing that with another vsti sampler you guys talk about sometimes & like to use?

or does this vsti sampler pick up where renoise’s sampler leaves off?
like loop point manipulamation?
start an stop sample points.

i use to really love my akai so1’s ability to minutely place start and end points.
i use sample offsets so much that this wusic sampler might not be much of a solution for me.

if anyone sees this could you maybe gimmee just a heads up on what i could be doing with this that i cant already do with renoises’s sampler?
thanks guys ;)

Well if you guys got 292.500$ I think you could afford to hire someone doing it.

Anyway I definatly think you should try something similar but more realistic In which the users don’t risc giving away their money for nothing. Perhaps a guaranteed half price if more than 100 users registered and if 10.000 users registered a price of

10$ if 20.000$
7$ if 30.000
6$ if 40.000

The important thing I think is to make it realistic and at the same time be an oportunity to get it very cheap.

The market for trackers might not be as big as the market for sequencers but I think a lot of people would be willing to get Renoise if it was a bargain (Which it already is). I might be wrong though.

I think it would atleast be worth trying because it would generate publicity.

The group buy have been updated with new discounts! :D

Now they are acctually giving really nice discounts even if they don’t reach 150.00 users.

Wusik station is super nice so now I´m definatly going to their join the group buy.




current number of users 204?

so…sofar only 204 peeps entered?


“(Windows version only)” <_<

Well at just 500 users it will be 40% off! And i definatly think it will be atleast 500 by the time the group buy ends.

So its a really nice group buy now I reckon.

Well, I actually got the full version already, small gift for being among the first 20 to register. I like this company! :D

So yeah, I definetly recommend this!

about 160 days left, and 149,700 users left to reach 150,000… I think they probably have overrated their ability to spread the word :)

I guess the serious composers don’t use Windows as their main music composition tool which i would find technically a good choice (anything but windows i mean).
If they would offer such a group buy, they should at least also offer a Mac edition of the plug.
If you only aim at one platform target, you will always overrate something.

Ya, typical. :)
I mean… If you want something done, go ahead and DO it, if you want a group buy to reach the level you want it on, enter!
Ah well, guess 2$ is way too much for people… What I did was rearrange my echonomics slightly; I didn’t buy that chocolate bar today. A huge sacrifice, I know.