Over Mail Project?


ugh ugh

Hi, uhm. I’m Roger. just bought my first version of renoise about 2 months ago. been tracking just a little, but i get around the program fair and square :)
i’ve got no real genre i can put myself in. 'cause the projects i work on are all so very very different. and they never last more than minute - minute and a half :P i guess you all know what i’m talkin about here.

so the thing is. i think maybe working something together with some peeps here on the forums/irc channel will get me closer to 3 - 5 minutes :rolleyes:

i hope there’s someone else feeling this might be a good idea, or atleast fun too see what the project look like when you get it back to work more on it. i’m thinkin, if we’re 2 people, we could both start a project. agree on a certain amount of time to cross over the .xrns. say a week or so. back on forth a couple of times and … yeh. that’s it basicly. :walkman:

m\lit out.