Overbridge Stuttering Audio Also Reaktor Questions

Hello, new to Renoise been using it native no issues for a couple of weeks. Need to bring in some external plugins; having some issues. Hope one of you fine sirs or madams can help?

MacBook Pro 2020, M1 processor
Renoise ARM64, V3.4.2

Digitakt as instrument (AU), Analog Heat as effects (AU), both units in Overbridge mode and look fine in Overbridge control panel.

Tested all in Ableton, no issues works as expected.

Digitakt as instrument; super choppy audio (unusable.)
Analog Heat as effect; super choppy audio (unusable.)

Can use both devices as audio interfaces still in Overbridge mode; no issues.

Any Halp! would be very welcome.

Other, less dire issues:
Reaktor 6 as instrument, no audio; feel like I’m doing something dumb, but too dumb to figure out what it is that I’m doing? Reaktor 6 custom display only shows up on initial load, after that I can’t seem to bring it back?

Reaktor 7 Playbox as instrument, no audio, same as above.

Reaktor 6 as FX, works as expected; yay!

Other even less dire issues:
Clicking on the Plugin editor keeps bringing my MacOS tool bar up. Need to click back into Renoise window for my midi keyboard (Keyboard) to activate. Maybe how it is, just odd and distracting.

Anyways, thanks again; really hope I figure this out. Always had trouble putting actual songs together in the DAWs (to the point I never did) and Renoise work flow seems to be an AHA moment for that.


I’ll keep poking around the forums and edit my comment as I figure stuff out.

Cheers cheers!

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