Overhaul of automation system


for the upcoming major version, I like to suggest an overhaul of the automation system. Lot of basic stuff is still missing for really precise automation recording:

  1. Recording in high resolution not only on lines. Renoise already supports high resolution, why not then while recording? I still don’t get this…

  2. Moving a slider in a VSTi auto adds automation device with required setup. Some button below the keyboard button “automation”

  3. No more limits of parameters.

  4. Support for new generation multidimensional controllers like the seaboard.

  5. Spline-lines instead this switch linear/curve. The curve mode doesn’t make so much sense mostly, currently. Instead imo better would be to draw a line and each line has an/multiple handle to bend it.

  6. Polyphonic aftertouch “simply” by splitting each note to multiple instances of a VSTi. So some midi note distribution mechanism. So handling these multiple instances like one instrument on one track.

Thanks for considering

Hi the dev team,

I really would like to know, why Renoise writes recorded automation only to line positions? It seems that Renoise already supports high resolution (you can move the points later in high precision), but limits itself while recording…

IMO this sucks. Is it because of the API access? Couldn’t you at least add an option “record in highres”, and provide a second, better way to access automation thru api? Something that is expandable for future automation improvements?

Thanks for thinking and telling about it.

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Oh sorry, forgot about that request already :wacko:

I found out that my shortcut tool using dblue’s pattern resizer algorithm is already a quite easy way to get more detailed automation while recording:

Just use one of the expansion shortcuts, which cause a temporarily expansion while recording, for automation recording. After disabling recording, the automation will be properly shrinked to much more fine resolution.

You can set the temp. LPB even higher in the script.

The only thing which is missing now in the resize algorithm is to temp. patch all synced LFOs and delay devices.

I want to conclude here regarding suggestion (1) :

You could internally temp. set the LPB to 64 or higher, but without visually expanding the pattern. I believe in that way we could have a quite nice automation resolution and also most tools won’t break or only minorly need patching. Could be a extra option “record automation at high LPB”.