Overlapping/multiple Automation Views...

Thread title is pretty self explanatory.

Actually, along with that, resizable top and bottom bars would go great along with that. For the overlapping automation, I mean that in a pretty literal sense. I.e. current automation is a bright color and is transparent so you can see other automations underneath. I’m guessing a limit to how many would be needed…

But even better would be to have several rows of automation viewable at once. Maybe even keep the ‘4 is fine’ from the pattern editor (i.e. you can only have 4 effect columns) so you’d max out on a tracks’ automation rows at 4. Again, this would need something like a ‘focused’ automation lane that is larger for editing and the other automation views are smaller, but you can still see them (smaller/larger means vertical size)…and…uh, that covers it i think. :P

good idea, I often switch back and forth between different curves to compare them

suggested a few times. i remember there were somebody who sketched
a nice little picture of a possible solution back in 2005 or so. (with coloured envelopes)

+1 for this suggestion