Overlapping patterns

I know this is a minefield for notes but imthinking mainly in terms of automation. Would it be possible to make this pattern “as long as the song is”??

That way automating things would be so much easier, so we donthave to move between patterns for the same parameter. I get lost trying to find out where my filter is activated and bypassed, then i find one tiny pattern after about 30 minutes of looking!

Does anyone think this is a good idea?


I have a solution to this: how about a little icon within a plugin in the Mix view to show its been automated

? at least then we can see the culprits

I also think a general remake of the renoise graphical automation system is due. It is a bit hard to use the way it is…


Automating big transitions spread across multiple patterns is a hassle to say the least.

Yes just making the automation lane a song length track would be great. The trick would be then to superimpose that horizontal data to the vertical pattern data - perhaps an overview that represents the notes etc. as events along the automation view. The events could be used like cue markers, so you know where you are in the song.

I would like to see the ability to edit beyond pattern boundaries, so you could zoom out in the automation view and then simply draw without the pattern boundaries. Same would be very nice for selections in the automation and also the pattern, so you could select over a pattern boundary.

The displaying already is programmed, but I understand that this would require quite a bunch of changes in the api (which at least I am ok with, if it leads to a better workflow). So I would like to suggest an song-line abstraction, which reflects the whole song lines (patterns in a row) as linear increasing number. So you would not have to fiddle around anymore at all with the boundary cases and the api would do this automatically. I think danoise already did similar in his API(?), but I would like to suggest this in the base API, also the obligatory way then to use it. I also would like to suggest the same for notes.