Overlapping Sample Images In The Sample Editor

What I’m suggesting is an option to keep the image of a sample stuck in the sample editor even when you switch to other samples. The sample you want to overlay could be opaque so that you could see other samples through it. Perhaps you could even choose colours. There would simply be a box you tick that says something like ‘Always show sample’.

With this feature you would be able to visually compare how samples overlap when played together. For example, this would wicked for drum layering and visually syncing transients. I reckon it would be useful in loads of other situations as well.

What do you guys think?

I can’t see when I would ever use this. If I want to see samples together, maybe I’d put them in the same collumn and look in the oscilloscope or something :) Or render the samples to one wave.

“this would wicked for drum layering and visually syncing transients”

this sounds interesting tho, but maybe not interesting enough to build this feature for? What other situations would I want to use this?


wouldn’t mixpaste in the sample-editor be a much better solution?

This is a very surreal idea. Why compare samples visually when you can compare them by hearing them together (mixed)?

This suggestion however is innovative, and might be used by some, but it’s better to be implemented in audio-editting software.

Uhm… because you can’t work on samples, cut them up etc. in real time?? :blink:

Align vocals to a beat?

Do you thinks it is accurate enough to see if two samples match by overlapping them visually?