Overload - Listen

High volume recommended: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtmaEUuwRhk :walkman:

good stuff, heavy bass.

Thanks! The bass comes from my Moog Little Phatty. :)

Youtube must be the stupidest place to upload your songs to.

I disagree, I’m more likely to click on a youtube page than I am to have to download an mp3 from some shitty rapidupload thing where I have to wait for the countdown.

Same here… Besides, you can easily listen to related music.

Nice tune!

Thanks! :D

Yes, but I am not going to play youtube videos in Remixta unfortunately. Also youtube seems to play videos in mono sound for whatever reasons.

Rapidshare and stuff like that are out of the question ofcourse. Just a normal direct link to some normal webserver with normal mp3 file works best most of the time.

If you are eager to play the track in Remixta I might be able to send you a direct link. ;)

I usually don’t upload tracks to my server because of high demand and low data limit (what is supposed to be a fair use policy). I’ve had 17-20 gigs of data transfer per month earlier this year and I ended up paying extra for months in a row. If a release is a definitive webrelease I upload the tracks to Internet Archive, the most convenient way to share music for free in my opinion.

I just like to collect tracks early and decide later what tracks I am going to use in Remixta. Unless there is something I am definitely going to play I don’t like to contact people and give them false hopes. :)

I am hosted at the hostgator, they give you unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth for very reasonable price. Remixta also produces lots of bandwidth (last 24 hours alone saw about 10 GB of transfer).

I agree with archive.org. Very nice place for sharing free music.

Also if you are not really interested in releasing songs on net, but want some promotion, you can send tracks to me privately, if it’s good stuff, I will play it. I am thinking into looking deeper into the dubstep genre in near future.

Just a little hint for people on Youtube, if you type in “&fmt=18” at the end of the url (without the quotes) and hit enter the page will refresh and the movie will play in high quality mode (44.1khz stereo as opposed to 22khz mono).

Yes, I am aware of that hack, but why the hell couldn’t it be on by default? :P

definitely would be nice…

good vibes.
minor criticism though, i think the kick is too loud.

Thanks, the kick is a bit loud indeed but it creates one hell of a punch when you turn up the volume. ;)

if they had a deep bass tail that’d be sweet.