Overwriting note-off while recording

You record this:

00 - C-4  
01 - OFF -- C-4  
02 OFF  

Renoise changes the input to:

00 - C-4  
01 - C-4  
02 OFF  

Expected behaviour: Renoise should record what you play.
Actual behaviour: Renoise changes the input overwriting a note-off. Sometimes the recorded sequence will sound very different from the played sequence.

Are you sure that the Chord mode button is enabled in the Pattern editor Control panel?

Yeah happens with Chord mode enabled or disabled. For demonstration purposes:

  • Load a sample.
  • Set BPM/LP to 32/1. Things are slow.
  • Record.
  • Press and release a key.
  • You’ll see a let’s say C-4 on line 00, then a NOTE-OFF on line 01.
  • When on line 01, press C-4 again.

NOTE-OFF on line 01 will be overwritten by the new C-4 (you’ll SEE it when on line 02). Should be placed in a new column, I think.

Not a biggy, but can create unwanted results.

Well, i believe up to Renoise 1.9.1 records including delays and cut commands:this did allowed you to record on very slow LPB/BPM rates at exact moments.
The delay recording has been removed somewhere later on.

Specific reason quoting Taktik (this comes from a close-member forum section so can’t redirect to the topic):

This response however was for a Renoise version that did not included the separated delay column yet.
The best solution would be for the Renoise-Devs to add a dedicated note-off column where the value is the moment of note-off. This would leave out any kind of confusing matters and makes Renoise quite a lot more precise in stopping and initiating notes.

Yes. Changing the behavior from overwriting-note-off-with-new-note to putting-new-note-in-new-column would not make for perfect precision. But would be a little improvement on its own.
A more thorough fix of the note precision issue would be welcome too.

Any specific note-dedicated effect column doesn’t have a higher value than FF and this integrity only gets more precise if you would raise the LPB.
To be honest, back in the <2.0 time, the recordings were in ticks which were recorded pretty precise (3 to 1/12th of a line). I don’t have a distinct ear in noticing 2ms difference, but for me that kind of recording was already perfect (recorded as played).
So if note-offs would be registered at 256th of a line position, this time-gap gets even smaller, even if you would play on 32bpm with 1 LPB (the only problem then will be you will run out of note-columns as there is a max of 12 per track).

Ofcourse, on Windows when using DirectSound, you will never get a proper idea of recording due to the input delay of the sound-driver, so this works only really fine with an ASIO card. On Mac and Linux these obstacles do not really exist.

But they already are (!!!) - IF there’s more than one line’s distance between the note and the note-off (you can’t have a note-off on the same line as the note).
Or do we misunderstand each other?

I meant on the same line as the note was triggered. This can only be done if the note-off has its specific column.