[???] OXE VST synth: Sometimes first note missing when rendering

Missing first notes on song start / song continue / song render start


  1. Download oxe fm synth 1.34, inst. on Renoise 3.1b5 32bit OSX (so bridged)http://www.oxesoft.com

  2. Setup plugin options: auto suspend, multicore

  3. Place some different instances’ notes to first row of first pattern and also to second

  4. Now render from beginning. Sometimes notes / instances are missing. So if you continue play from pattern 2.

Maybe it’s a auto suspend-oxesynth problem. I don’t know. Just in case, I made this report.


It has nothing to do with beginning position, can happen on every first occurrence of a instance of oxe. Is it a auto silent Renoise prob or a oxe one?

Quickly gave this a try but could not replicate this here. Is it possible to narrow this down a little bit more? An example song which demonstrates the problem would be ideal (as usual).

Ok, here is a test song:

Attachment 6366 not found.

IT USES A RENAMED OXE SYNTH 64 BIT 1.34 for cross platform compatibility:

Attachment 6367 not found.

You may have to remove the other oxesynth first (I did).

Make sure synth settings are: “auto suspend” and “can multiprocessor”

Open with32bit Renoise, so the synth using the bridge.

Play and then render (hq offline) and again, play and render until some note is missing. It appeared in both of the two tracks.

Doesn’t happen to you?? Strange. I will PM you the original song…

Could never replicate this. But if it’s happening while playback too every now and then, it’s quite likely a quirk in oxesynth anyway?

Hi, did you try the song from PM, too?

Ok, then it seems to be a oxe prob.