Ozone 5 64bit doesnt work

Just to say that Ozone 5 mastering plug 64 bit doesnt load in Renoise.

I dont use Renoise anymore… letting the users decide this and that, to add all kinds of stuff they think will help them make better music, has reached point of fail, and too many errors are creeping in.

I moved completely to Studio One, and the main reason is i was never able to use my real synths properly in Renoise, it has been a constant headache. And maybe im just not a programmer anymore, i make far better music when i play it, instead of program it.


Been using Ozone 5 x64 since release with no issues, and before that, Ozone 4 x86 and x64. Might want to report your issue if you haven’t yet. Last time I had a problem and reported it, they responded right away.

maybe he’s trying to open a 64 bit plugin in a non 64 bit compatible Renoise?

Yeah, Ozone 5 x64 works without a problem for me too… Weird…

Do you open Renoise as administrator (rightclick, Run as Administrator)? Perhaps the plug needs to write stuff and it can’t do that if Renoise is opened as ordinary user.
Some plugins only need this once (the first time) other plugins always need these rights.
I have configured my Renoise shortcut to always open with admin rights. Saves me from a lot of such hassle.

sometimes it loads i found out.
now i discover a real problem.

the effect of the plug, does not get rendered!

either this plug of vst3 standard has a hole, or renoise has an engine problem.
i just tried to render various stuff, but it never ends in the resulting wav file!

did you ozone user upgrade it ?
did i ?
i dont know

anything could happen, ozone upgrade bug, or renoise has a non steady bug.

now im lost…

Does the plug offers sound during playback in Renoise?
If you render it, have you tried to render the output using cubic interpolation and a frequency of 44Khz?
If you use cubic interpolation, you render with the play-rate option.
The plugin may perhaps support 48Khz, not all plugins support 96Khz, a lot more do not support 192Khz.
In the worst case scenario, post a small xrns song example so that we can see where you put the effect.