Ozone lagging in Renoise

Sometimes when I put Izotope Ozone 8 Advanced on the master track, I get a noticeable lag, the tracker and the sound are not in sync, the tracker starts moving and after a while the sound starts.

I have a fairly modern computer with lots of ram, and even if I disable Ozone, the lag is still there even though nothing of it is being used, also It doesn’t happen every time, just sometimes. I wonder if this is some kind of a Renoise bug or an Ozone bug, I’m leaning towards it being a Renoise issue since I have never noticed it in Reaper or Studio One.

Anyone else noticed this?

Yes, I’ve posted about this

Ah, from two years ago and nothing has been done to it :frowning: The weird part is that if I remove ozone and reapply it, it might not lag, so it’s not consistent how it affects renoise, it’s pretty random

Well it’s not the fault of Renoise…

I just tried add Ozone, initially when you first insert it there’s only 12ms latency added but when I used a preset it jumped to 120ms and as you add more effects it can even jump to 200ms on my setup which is a lot obviously, that’s how this mastering plugin works… You can minimize the latency caused by the maximizer by choosing IRC LL in the MAXIMIZER module.

Inside Renoise you can click SONG > PLUGIN DELAY COMPENSATION info to get the ms

It might lag with certain properties but if I remove it and add the same ones, it might not lag at all, I would have figured it out while using it if it was consistent but it’s not