Disable latency compensation when bypassed

Composing with a master-chain may add a lot of latency to the entire song, I’m using Ozone 9 Elements and it adds 202 ms latency whether bypassed or not, that makes it impossible to jam out a melody with it.

I have to load and save the chain every time I render out a song which happens many times. I am working on an album and have 15 unfinished songs I work on and regularly render out and listen outside Renoise. Some people like to compose with a master-chain on but that’s virtually impossible… I do have a basic chain with low latency I use until 50-75% done, but still the finishing part is grueling.

It would be super nice wonderful if we could get a “Disable latency compensation when bypassed” button on the master bus.


Yes, or as song setting.

+ all features in the API to build a “parking device” tool.

You think it’s possible to make a “parking device” container?
Without knowing much LUA I think I should be able to do that, how do you imagine making it? I am thinking to make a simple container device like a Doofer with nothing but an on/off switch that removes/insert the devices inserted.

I don’t think it is possible currently using lua. Would have imaged storing the whole plug-in data into a formula device as a comment or so, but then you would also have to restore every automation and so on. Also there were some limitations getting plug-in data and with formula device. A two week job with unsure results for something, Taktik could do in 2 hours…

I see. You’d think a tool had data storage for these things. Hope it’s on his to-do list then

There is now a song wise data storage in the api. But you also would need some placeholder device. Ok, you could save the plugin data and the plugin’s automations into song storage and then put a dummy dsp device as placeholder onto the slot (much more handy would be to save it right at the place, into the affected object instead. Because you would also have to watch dsp lane/order/movement changes/renaming/whatever to later find your actual saved plugin data in the song storage etc). But still there was some limitation getting all the plugin data. Even if it was possible, it’s a ton of work due saving and restoring the automation, too (+testing). I think then it is not worth the effort currently.

On the other hand Taktik could “simply” do:

  • Duplicate disabled dsp object state, name it “bypassed” or so
  • Call the disable plugin code on bypass, but also disable PDC
  • Do not make bypass-state automatable

I imagine that would be quite easy to do so :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: as a noob.

So is it now also possible to store data per dsp object?

Maybe the most simple change for @taktik would be to expose a PDC enable/disable state per dsp object to the API (10 minutes). Then someone could do a 10 liner tool wth context menu entry on dsp object, setting this pdc active state plus the plugin disabled state…