Pacific Surf

Pacific Surf

edit: it’s now a .rar file because the host i chose doesn’t ‘support streaming mp3’… ay yai yai

seems like something went horribly wrong, sounds totally broken up, I suggest a new upload

and that seems to go for all songs on that site :(

or maybe it’s ultra minimal?

if it’s that minimal, we should get maximum explanation? :)

edit 2: mp3 link:

A very short noise, then silence.

No, definately not.


:w00t: :panic:

For some odd reason I am REALLY enjoying this haha…

and the outro… awww! nice one :D

(in fact, I like it so much it made me edit this post before I posted it!)

oooh, it reminds me of manowar’s sting of the bumblebee :)
tasty outro indeed!

edit3: Thanks for listening/comments!