Packing up a VST sampler from Renoise

Hello there,

I recently discovered Renoise and I must say that I’m deeply impressed by it.
I could talk a lot about it but I think that most has already been said, so I will just quote hseiken in the kvr reviews ( “if you look at this program as I do, which is that of the best sampler out there with a sequencer and sample editor built in, then you will have a ball with this thing”.

So I wonder (and here it goes my idea), why don’t you all-mighty renoise developers wrap up a VST out of the sampler part and add 4 midi controls to be able to send sampler effects to it from an external sequencer.

Messages could look like:
(control 0) midi channel
(control 1) midi note
(control 3) effect’s code byte 1
(control 4) effect’s code byte 2
(with maybe optional controls to define extra arguments for the effects)

Then everybody could make a choice whether to use a tracker, a piano-roll or whatever… (I think that here my point is becoming too obvious… XD)

Now honestly, I find all commercial sampler out there overbloated and I have to stick to shortcircuit to stay sane, but I’m still waking up everyday craving for a better modular sampler and willing to invest in it. The way it is now, renoise just doesn’t fit in my work flow but if you released it as a VST, I would be happy to pay for it more than its current license fee.


Offended? <_<

If you don’t actually have any constructive criticism to give in your response, then please don’t bother with such replies at all. They simply add nothing to the discussion. They only get misunderstood by others, or seen as aggressive, etc. I’m pretty sure we can do better than that around here. :)


It’s not enough. See: FL Studio.

Thanks but the tracker is what I need less. As far as I could see reVisit has no sample recording capability and is not very user friendly. I’m sticking with shortcircuit and directwave, but I’m quite frustrated because renoise’s sampler is way better.

I want a Cadillac, but only to use the cup holders. Seriously though, this has been discussed many times…search the forum for previous posts.

Perhaps no sample recording options, but it allows you to control patterns with midi-notes from within Renoise and i thought that was the feature you were seeking… You need to change the play-mode in the sequencer to MIDI to enable triggering patterns by midi commands.
Believe me, reVisit is the closest thing to what you could expect regarding “Renoise as a VST”. I’m not sure what you mean by user-friendly. It has keyboard shortcuts related to Impulse Tracker / Screamtracker, which works a bit different, but if you don’t have a tracker past, these require a small bit time to get the hang of it, but surely not impossible.
Help is simple and reachable by the press of F1.

im with OP here.
even within renoise it would be neat to easely double voices , for extended instrument design etc.
also i see the potential for the company to make $$. because there is no better sampler thanf the renoise one. free ones are all crap and the comercial stuff is so expensive and a pain in the ass to use anyway.
but this might be just my opinion, man.

I must admit that this could be great to have a vst version of the sampler that way we could share or even sell xrni soundpacks like kontakt or elastik