Pad Controllers

Hi all,

I’m possibly in the market for a midi pad controller for renoise (under linux). I already have a regular keyboard, I’m using my Yamaha AN1x synth as a master, but I fancy getting a pad controller, or similar, so I can use renoise similar to the korg electribe. I’ve seen videos of the novation launchpad being used - that looks cool, but is anyone using them under linux?

i use a novation launchpad not in linux,but in windows and thanks to jules,i got it set up the way i want and its awesome

The pads on my Korg’s nano-pad stick. You got to fudge it to send a note off. FAIL!

AFAIK the thing you need to look for is whether or not the device is “class compliant”.
This basically indicates that the device should work without a driver (well, hopefully).

OK thanks for the replies.

I found a thread about the Korg padControl, that seems to work nicely in linux so I think I’ll do some research on that.

out of the box, the launchpad doesn’t work with linux - it is communicating with MIDI instructions, but apparently the devs found it would be funnier not to follow the standard so it can’t be recognized as a normal MIDI-USB device.

Fortunately, someone wrote this:

Didn’t try it yet (I will receive my launchpad in the next few days), but it is reported to work.