PadSynth Update - Slider Randomizer?

So, I may have commented on the PadSynth module before, not sure if anybody saw it. Also, I can’t find “drakmaniso”, the maker of this synth. He’s not been on the forum for years, nor in the various places on the Internet that I could find him, and there were several. Could use an update with a ‘random’ button to adjust the various sliders in random ways for even greater tonal output.

PadSynth is an extremely important sample generator. The types of sounds it produces are based on the Paul Nasca synthesis techniques (PaulStretch is his amazing sample-stretcher) and the sounds that PadSynth can make are just stupendous. Absolutely beautiful.

I have used a VST3 by a fella named Ryukau off of GitHub that makes sounds that are based off of this synthesis method; again, the sounds are just out-of-this-world. Watch and listen to this!

So, the PadSynth Tool can make these sounds, but they are not easy to do, because the sliders have to be dragged and there’s 256 of them. Very handy for being tidy, but not for exploring new sounds. Would anybody be up for the challenge of adding a random button for the sliders? “drakmaniso” is nowhere to be found, and an adjustment for something so useful can’t be stepping on any toes.


Found drakmaniso - we’re talking! yay!


Zynfusion uses the same engine, but it’s a VST of course.


Yep, and it’s great! It’s originally designed by Paul Nasca (ZynAddSubFX), and the additive portion of that synth is HOLY COW!!! PadSynth uses it and some other bits, and it’s a WOW sample generator. I just love it to pieces. :slight_smile: