Pagination instead of infinite scroll

I prefer pagination instead of infinite scroll.

I don’t think that’s possible in Discourse but just putting it out there. If it’s an option that I can have, I would like it.


For real? I just saw that the forums were open again.

I HATE endless scrolling.

It’s a pox on usability.

Kill it with fire.

That alone would keep me from ever selecting a given piece of forum software. (That and being written in Rails. So, double kiss o’ death here)

How do people develop such a disdain for users that they build such a thing?

I now realize that I’ve used another site with Discourse, and I fucking hate it.

So many bad UX choices.

I am fairly certain this will reduce my interest in posting here.

There’s just too much odd funky behavior. Stupid crap. Needless.

Cleverness over usability.

Sorry to be so down on this, and I appreciate Renoise crew wanting maybe something modern, but the old software was way better. Absent some serious bugs that I am unaware of (security? It’s PHP, so …) I really don’t get the decision to go to Discourse.

I like about AJAX scrolling that you never know before when it will end :grin:

I was also annoyed at first, but the scrollbar on the right of the topics actually allow us to move quickly through months/years of topic.

I find this actually better than pagination.

I like the infinite scroll here, more than on Zalando or so. Indeed the scroller helps a lot. Also I find this software much more streamlined and less distracting, also better privacy (removal of “whos online” etc.).

But an infinite scroll can be made almost perfect:

  • Preload a whole page, so at moderate scrolling, no “block-in” at all will appear
  • Always give back at least a percentage for an accurate feeling for position, e.g. for “more” and “latest”: current_index/number_of_entries*100
  • Most “modern” browsers will slow down with a list of 10000 entries …

I second this! Not really digging the endless scrolling, it makes hard to find things after a while, too confusing.