Paging Mr Zensphere

Hey mate, can i pick your brains?

How do i get that lead sound at 40min 30sec, it sounds like a phaser and some sort of filter modulation, like a notch filter or bandpass in parallel? I cant conceptualise it. Sawtooth? Square and triangle? Drawing a total blank, embarassingly.

Youre the resident Psy-god. Hence me paging you @slujr

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Happy to help if I can, bro. What’s the link for the track?

Rookie error…

Its a phasey, modulated filter kinda sound. Its not the best example of what i wanted to achieve, i cant remember where i heard it though.

Haha, all good.
To me it sounds like band passed pink or white noise running through a filtered delay line for the timbral content. If you wanted to go native, I would use the BP clean filter in the modulation section with about 2/3 resonance, and the multitap delay line with a low pass filter in line.

That’s where I’d start, anyway. It has that resonant character typical of a filtered delay line to my ear. It’s kind of a nice sound :slight_smile:

You might need to filter after the resonator instead, or as well. I need to experiment to really be able to say definitively

I’m away from my computer today, but maybe if I get a chance tomorrow I can try to approximate it

Hope this helps!

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genetic eyes.xrni (139.7 KB)

here’s a first draft. I’m sure it could be closer, but with these kinds of sounds, you’re generally working off of variations on a formula. Twist macro 1 for filter variation

On listening again, I don’t think that the original sound is using a resonator like I am, as that technique was probably pretty uncommon in that era, but I think it’s a decent approximation. I think the original sound has some noise content and some tuned/harmonic content, likely a noisy fm sound, then it’s just filtered with delay, I think. There might be some slight phasing too, but it’s hard for me to hear the details with how it’s situated in the mix.

I’ll also upload the resonator doofer (i’ve got 3 or 4 different kinds of resonators that I use in native sound design) that I’m using here. It’s based on the multitap delay unit and can be tuned to the standard notes using the two note macros, with fine tuning (flattening) via the filter frequency macro

here’s that resonator if anyone wants it. Can add some interesting resonance/ambience to all kinds of sound sources. sort of an instant karplus strong string resonator physical model type thing that can be tuned to standard note pitches
TIME - tuned MTDLY.xrdp (33.8 KB)