Pan slide left, right, set auto-pan questions

Question 1 :

For the Jx and Kx panning column commands the descriptions say slide left / right with step x ( 0 - F ).

How would I slide from say, 0 to 40 ( decimal : 0 to 64 )?

Would J1 just slide one panning column unit every tick if I repeated it on every line?

Question 2 :

For -Nxy ( set auto-pan ) the description says regular pan variation, x = speed, y = depth.

How would I get the panning moving through a full cycle from 0 to 40 and back to 0 again every 8 lines?

That is, how does the speed value relate to ticks and how does the depth value relate to amount of panning column units?

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[u]Answer to question1 :[/u]

Instruments playback by default from centred panning position 40 ( 64 ).

Kx slides the panning right

Jx slides the panning left

The value in the Kx and Jx commands is applied once per tick.

If ticks per line is 8 and K1 or J1 is placed on every line, the sound will reach hard right or hard left, from centre, after 8 lines.

( 8 x 8 = 64…64 in hexadecimal is 40 ).

The command is strange for a 12 ticks per line setting because 64 / 12 = 5.3333333.

If J1 or K1 is on every line ( TPL 12 ), the sound will reach hard right or hard left, from centre, after 5.3333333 lines.

[u]Answer to question 2 :[/u]

-Nxy is a broken command that does not work properly.

It will not cycle in time with the song using any value.

It has the same problem as -Vxy and -Txy.

So -Nxy, -Txy and -Vxy are broken and unusable commands.

Hope they will get fixed. They are cool commands. Important and useful for tracking.

Its possible to use LFO but with those commands you have so many variations, it would require a lot of LFOs to emulate the commands behaviour fully.