Pandora Galore.... Your personal DJ

I already have this radio system on my favorite bookmarks for quite some time and i still enjoy it on a regular basis…

The principle is simple, you supply the name of your favorite artist or title and the system forks up a list of songs and artists (including the mentioned one) that you submitted.
The creators of the site have put up a database of song profiles… a sort of DNA extract and based upon that extract they play songs for you based upon various filtered aspects…
To narrow the styles to your liking taste you can give a playing song thumbs up or thumbs down so they exclude certain types of song profiles or actually add more of certain types of songprofiles.
It is better than any fixed radiostation in the world regarding playing music based on personal taste……c=10436&hl= :)

I run this tool over more than two years…How could i have missed that topic…?

According to the songs (mp3 format) seemed to get cached in your temp internet folder or somewhere and you could rename the cached hashname to an .mp3 extension and just play it… but i can’t find any large sized file in the firefox cache folder neither in the temp internet files folder when using pandora with IE.

I would be surprised if the files get cached, honestly. thats the whole idea of streaming… but anyway, pandora is really great, would use it way more often if I wouldn’t have that 5GB transfer-limit on my connection … which will hopefully change soon.

I use, instead. I found it to be WAY more complete, simply because it is a social network.

i run pandora on my mediacenter, quite the best radio system availible.

unless I am mistaken last fm only recommends bands and you have to get it yourself, whereas pandora radio has all the music inside … its really like a radio.

No, just checked it out, it also plays the music for you… and in contrast to pandora, it is not skip-crippled (you can only skip so many songs per hour which is not limited on

wow, then they have changed alot since I have been there the last time. I kinda never used it because the PC playing the music here is not the one that is connected to the net, someone took “looza” there years ago so I couldnt register it and so forth.