Panning & Instr. Envelopes For Vst Instruments?

similar to “dry/wet for all fx, even vst”, I’d like the ability to pan VSTi (and obviously use the pan column on them etc.)

also: volume, pitch, panning and filter envelopes for VSTi… !

(sorry if this has been requested/discussed before…)

if i understand you right, you like to use the vstis like samples ? i dont think that this is possible as every vsti has its own parameter for pan, vol, filter ..... thats why we have the automation device, right ?

but maybe i`m wrong here :)

it just may be complicated… but you can pan the track a VSTi is on, and apply filters to it - I’m suggesting doing that internally, and therefore allow us to easily pan VST instruments and use the envelopes that are so useful with sample based instruments already.

oh, how I wish that was true… hey, actually it is true for volume with 99% of VSTi… but ironically we can already manipulate that one via renoise… :huh:

Also, the instrument envelopes display line numbers, and generally speaking it would be very powerful and very consistent if this could be pulled off… sure beats having to use a different GUI / differently named parameters for each instrument – and as I said, with many instruments it’s not even possible to pan them etc…

i thought you are talking about the internal filters and stuff from each vsti.

sounds interesting to me as you have the ability to change the adsr of the instrument without opening the editor.
but you also have for example 2 different envelopes at once which might be a problem sometimes.
same for the filter and pan.

all in all very nice idea :)

You can not pan/vol individual notes via MIDI (which VSTs use as event input), but only the whole instrument playback. This would make the envelopes pretty useless, because they then only work on monophonic instruments.

hey, now that you mention it… sure, why not :D

I mean, making all parameters of a VSTi available as instrument envelopes – yeah of course, we have the automation device, and setting that up with a custom one-shot LFO for each parameter would achieve the same… but it would still be neat imho.

I know… I actually think I suggested this before, your reply seems familiar… but if each played note of an instrument would have its own internal “track”, you could pan/amplify/filter that? I’m not saying it might not be a huge resource hog, it prolly would have to be optional…

How would each note have it’s own virtual track when it comes out of the VST as a combined waveform?

by having an instance of the VST for each note? how else? I know it’s extreme, but an extremely crappy plugin standard requires extreme workarounds… maybe instances that have the same volume/panning could be bundled together, and inactive ones be reused etc… who knows, it might actually be possible without the computer freezing up when you play a chord… as I said: “you can pan the track a VSTi is on, and apply filters to it - I’m suggesting doing that internally,”

All this, just to get Vol/Pan envelopes in Renoise for VSTs?

yeah… I actually don’t care that much about envelopes personally (just figured it would be cool), but not being able to pan VSTi notes and to apply volume to them (some react nicely to the velocity parameter, some react weirdly, many ignore it) really sucks, and the workarounds (send tracks, cloning instruments and whatnot) make the act of actually composing decidedly less fun…

+1 i’d like just a panning per plugin (at that place where volume is already)

If a VST would support that it would allow an output-stream for each individual note and in that case you would have to route each stream to a specific track in Renoise (which you can already do so).
There are some Drum VST’s that allow specific output routing for each percussion instrument inside it that responds to a particular note, you can already route these drums to their designated track in Renoise and these tracks you can then pan them individually just fine.

For everything that shares the same audio output stream of the plugin, there is no way for Renoise to split notes and perform actions based on it. You would need something like a wave-analyser that does realtime frequency splitting and processing. I know there exists a specific piece of software that is capable of doing that offline, but as far as it goes, not real-time (which is real hard to do). What you more or less ask is similar to streaming a CD and then process the individual volume levels (or other characteristics) of each instrument in the wave data, which his pretty much impossible on precise level.

err i just wonder about that discussion…maybe i do not understand it right (my english isnt so good), but if that all isnt possible, what are vst effects doing then? why not implementing an arpeggiator like in omnisphere:

…and the you can drop midifiles on it. further you could assign (vst) filters to it (instead of using it as a gate with the volume)…so this tool could handle filters and gives a lot of fun?! this tool could be a wonderful alternative to the automation window, which isnt very intuitive to handle)mhm i wish i had the coding skills…

or like kirnu cream:

VST effects are affecting the audio stream, but this topic regards VST instruments, not effects.