Panning per column?


I do not often use Renoise intruments for harmonic parts, but now I have a chord and would like to pan the notes per column, so I don’t have to add a panning command to each single note… Is that possible? Or could it be done in the instrument already, e.g. keymapping to panning (but with a huge step width, and is that then working polyphonically)? Thanks.

Is this what you mean?

Screenshot 2020-11-24 at 07.46.53

If you add a Key Tracker to the Panning section of the modulation set, and tweak the input to match the center of the range you’re playing (i.e., chords centered around C4 vs C6), you can get a nice stereo spread of notes to make chords a little wider. It might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s easy and fast.

Ah yes, thanks. I then also can divide by 0.2 or so, so the spreading is a lot wider.

But I meant whether I could somehow use a pattern panning command, which stays for all the notes below it, until I change it.

Use a macro with Panning Operant inside the Modulation, linked with all the samples (or your want).
Inside the track, insert the *Instr. Macros. Use the righ click of the mouse above the macro linked to insert the parameter inside the track (Envelopes Recorder switch disabled). Until you change the parameter, the Panning Operant value are intact.

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Ah ok, thanks. Does that work for multiple notes at once?

Ok, will try that :slight_smile: Thanks.

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