Panning Question...

So, I don’t find the panning column that is shown next to the volume column in the renoise wiki tutorials under effects commands section. I’ve instead just been using the effect command instead of using what should be a panning column for panning notes in kontakt (works well), is this something that was taken out in a recent version? And then when I do something like say make a drum roll that goes from quiet to full velocity while panning each note hard left and hard right using the volume column and pan command, every note after that (not just the note that the command was applied to) stays at the panning position that was last read by renoise. I’ts not a big deal to set the next note to be to be triggered to center- just a pain in the ass is all. And one more thing- the 0exx command, does this only apply to a track that has a sample loaded in renoise rather than sending the command to a vst (kontakt) ? It deosn’t put emphesis on being a sample instrument only like some other commands do. Thanks in advance…


For toggling volume and panning columns use Lshift+Lctrl + P (panning) or V (volume)
This is also described here:…yerControlPanel
Panning column is by default hidden in the tracks.

The retrig command (0exx) only applies to internal samples, not every VSTI supports such commands (as in some cases the delay factor would give a strange and unjustified output), also for sliding and such the midi commands are used invoking the 9x command on the panning column of the last track. This is important since the MIDI value has to be entered in the effect column right behind it.

These are explained here (Sample only commands are defined, MIDI CC explanation is on the bottom of the page)

And you could instead of the 9x panning command, also use a MIDICC device on your track and use automation to send MIDICC values through the curve.

Thanks for explaining the panning column to me… I need to do better searches.

"These are explained here (Sample only commands are defined, MIDI CC explanation is on the bottom of the page)…Commands."

I was just reading that right before I came to see if anybody had responded.

So I suppose the only work around for the retrig comand would be to load up that wave in a seperate track as an internal sample in renoise… I’m going to try and retrigger via midicc and see how that works.

Thanks for the help, I’m sure you guys get tired of linking to the tutorials… I’m going to up my search skills and actually read the stuff that may not be so obvious (it’ll all be usefull in the end).

If a VST plugin supports retriggering actions and have a parameter, you can also use a VSTI automate device for that (under meta devices) or use a VST plugin that does retrig actions (Like Dblue’s Glitch) and control those with MIDICC commands or VSTI automate device.

also Lawrence Davies’s InstaJungle is good for retrigger effects.

OK… for some reason- now kontakt is accepting retrig commands??? I wish I could offer an explanation for this just in case somebody else mught have the same query- but I’m at a loss to reason, never the less I’m a happy boy??? :drummer: