Parade - Tech Metal, Drums Done In Renoise

Drums were made using the real kit instrument included in Renoise, along with a few cymbal samples. Guitar, bass and vocals done in Reaper.

Nice! :) If I had to complain, I would say that guitar is a bit muffled and without some parts of waveband (hm, maybe making it more wide could hide that?). The whole production seems to be incoherent but I don’t consider this as flaw :).

Thanks for your comments. I am still learning how to create a nice, balanced mix, but I practice a whole lot! I will definitely try out your advice, thank you.

Well i dont have any complains, good metal track, but personaly i like heavier guitars like Korn or Rammstain. Drums in reanoise real good, im impressed :) cheers :)