Paradox Uncreated - Chill Pill (renoise only).

Paradox Uncreated presents:

Paradox Uncreated - Chill Pill (renoise only).

This file may be redistributed as .xrns with this note included.
This file may not be distrubuted as .mp3, or .wav or any similar format, or be used in any commercial context, without the correct agreements to the author.
This file may not be collected by idiots, who become proud and later abuse the authors of the files, make up licences that have nothing to do with my file, or associate information belonging to retarded idolaters, with the author.

Meaning in general, no lameness.

Peace Be With You. - treat people as humans, even though the text on the internet sometimes can be very small ;)

– note included in song-comments.

Additional info: I had a great time reaquanting myself with trackers, and even though it`s over 10 years ago since I used them, the keyboard commands were still in my hands, and Renoise supported a lot of it. Great stuff. Renoise is the tracker we dreamed about in those days, I guess. However I also became aware that I have gotten used to pianoroll/matrix sequencing, and prefer that. So I am looking forward to that. Sometimes trackers are easier to use on some things though, and the mixing that comes with trackerstyle editing, seems a better and more direct way of mixing samples/softsynths also.

Peace Be With You.