Parallel Automation / Differences In Curves / Launch Full Edit Automat

Don’t know if somebody came up with this, but i really would like to see an automation feature on the slaunch full editor!
Eager to play with those type of parameters.

Next to that i would love to see different curve modes in the automation drawing mode. Just a little menu so you can choose how your curve develops.
If this is already possible i would love to know how this works.

Is there also a possibility to select multiple patterns in automation view and then add a long curve automation instead of joining… lets say 4 patterns and draw it in then?

I think xrni automation is one of those features they’re going to add.

With the multi-pattern automation thing 2.7 does something like that now.

Envelope automation has been oft suggested. Hopefully it will come one day although there are obvious difficulties with doing it well with there not being a predefined amount of points in the envelope. I do hope to see the option of current envelopes or something based an ADSR, with at least the ADSR if not both then automatable. We’ll see what they come up with for us :)

You can use the Line tool in the Automation window to do a slope across multiple patterns. Not ideal but better than nothing. I don’t think you can make a selection that spans outside of one pattern.

what kazakore said.
@kdgh: would you mind editing your 1st post, choosing ‘launch full editor’, and changing the title to something a bit more descriptive of the idea you have? people searching the forum titles will then know from the title what the idea is, instead of having to open the post first. just to keep things clean.

That’s ok rhowaldt, tho i don’t know how to actually edit the topic name.

Press Edit on your post, then click Use Full Editor. From there I think you can edit thread titles. In most forums anyway, think it has been blocked in some of them by the board moderators but I may be wrong.

kazakore is right, that works. edit your 1st post, press ‘Use Full Editor’ button, then you get the option to edit the title.

Found it!