Parameter automation "overrides"?

Suppose I have a filter with a 5kHz cutoff, but I want to set it to 1kHz for a few lines. If I insert commands to set it to 1kHz and then 5kHz, all of the lines before the first command will also be 1kHz, so I need to insert a 5kHz command before the 1kHz as well. Not only that, but if I decide I want the rest of the song to actually be at 7kHz, I have to go back and change both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ command. The behavior I’d like is that I can insert a command to temporarily set the parameter to 1kHz, similar to how the volume/pan columns only set the parameter for that one line, and not have to worry about what the old value is.

I can somewhat get this behavior by actually having two filters and turning them on and off, labeling them ‘normal filter’ and ‘temporary high-pass’ or whatever, but that seems clunky. Any suggestions?

You can setup the value to 5 kHz directly before the first 1kHz appearance, yes. Then the complete song before the apperance will act as 5kHz, as long as you are in line mode, and the patterns before first appearance have no automation. So the very first value and also the very last value will be kind of “inherited” to the pattern before/behind.

There is also a difference, if you enable “automation follow” in the song settings. This causes the inherited value to be updated as soon as you scroll, use aliases or jump in the song. If it is disabled, only at song start, the inherited value will be caluclated once (or something :laughing:). I guess there is a section in manual, please have a read.

There were some problems with automation following and live recording parameters thru VST GUIs and/or midi. Maybe it was fixed, I don’t know. For know, just leave it checked.

Using two filters does not seem to bring any benefit here, because then you have to manually automate their on/off states, and on/off automation is a bit “retarded” in Renoise, it only works as pattern commands, will easily turn into other automation, if you accidently do not use enough fx columns or multiple on/offs…

I highly recommend to you to automate devices only using the drawable automation.

As for finding the last set automation point, yes, this is cumbersome. There is no “jump to last automation value/pattern” functionality AFAIK. Maybe in a tool, I don’t remember.

You also seem to be able to automate on/off state thru a meta device, so you could use a free draw LFO, which flows into a hydra device, which flows into the on/off states of your two filters. Then you could trigger “reset” of the LFO, to have a range where the other filter is active, or similar.

Hope this helps.

(Not really a fan of that word.)

Yeah, I have automation follow enabled. I guess the other thing I could do is express it as a formula or a meta mixer or something and only have one filter, but… eh.

Not so! You can automate active/bypassed as automation :slight_smile:
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Oh nice, thanks for the hint!

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