Parameter Locks in Renoise [some things]


I recently stumbled upon a video where the idea of ​​blocking the parameters of electron brand instruments is very successfully implemented.

I think something like this could be very useful for more opportunities in renoise. yes, I know about automation in the line through the right mouse button and, in fact, this method partially duplicates the already familiar approach, but still, as it seemed to me, in the existing scenario, this implementation could add clarity. than actually famous renoise. I enbrasled a small concept as I would see it within the framework of renoise.

Here is a simple visual solution I see in the framework of renoise. there is a column in which each step is highlighted in which there is an automation parameter. plus in each tool the value value is highlighted.

thanks for your attention and it would be very interesting to know the opinion of the community about such a concept.

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How did you get your font like that, also neat idea.

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