Parameter Mapping Device

Someone probably mentioned this before, but here goes:

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If Renoise had a parameter mapping device that could listen to parameters in (any?) DSP effect, and apply that to another parameter? Think of the velocity device. It already has most of the fundamentals, such as range and scaling of values.

In practical use, it could open a number of possibilities, such as having a (custom-made) VST plugin that simply listen to the amplitude of the audio. This plugin could then output the value in realtime as a parameter (slider) that we could hook up with another parameter (such as a filter, or whatever).

Making small, custom plugins to do this kind of low-level work isn’t hard at all (one word: Synthedit).

Whaddya think?

i really like your ideas danoise,but i dont know anything about synthedit :(

I called this a “LinkDevice” in the past. I would really like to see this implemented; extremely useful also when XRNI will be fully automatable

Sounds like a nice idea.

is it something you could do danoise??

This is a suggestions forum, where users request something from the developers. So…

my bad,i had read danoise post alittle wrong,i was thinking he was thinking on making a PMD for renoise

@It: yeah, let’s call it the Parameter Link device.

It’s a program designed to help you make your own VST plugins, with a visual programming interface (connect various modules with virtual patch cables). Some of the most popular plugin’s around are built with Synthedit.

:D i know what the program is,i just dont know how to use it

+1 … keeping in mind however that this will not solve the sidechain issue as changing parameters from a VST as quickly as volume chances in a waveform tends to freeze the host (I tried already)

The host, as in Renoise? That’s strange - updating a parameter in itself shouldn’t cause problems as it’s not exactly working at audiorate, but rather GUI refresh rate (dunno, something like 20-60hz). Have you tried throwing a peak follower on top?