<parameterchunk> And .fxp ?


I wonder about the stuff that looks something like this in the xml song data:

Is it possible to use this data alone to create .fxp files? I know one can create such files manually from within Renoise, but is it also possible from external scripting or does the .fxp data always need to be saved with the active help of the specific VST instrument itself?

I suppose that’s just a FXP file encoded with Base64, UUencode or a similar algorithm, which converts binary files to readable chars. Just a guess though.

The content is just the raw chunk data from the VST Base64 encoded. You have to add the rest of the properties (like the uniqueID) manually then. Also its the chunk data of an fxb (bank!, not preset).

Note that when is “ParameterBag”, then no VST chunk data is stored but a binary version of all parameter/program values. Let me know if you want the specs for this binary data…

Maybe a function to rip the banks could be added to Bantais XRNI Ripper? From the little i’ve read about it at KVR, it seems quirky to support without really hosting the plugin.