[partially realised]Shared Clipboard On/off Button

I’m sure this has been suggested before but I’ll pitch it again. Having an on/off button to share the clipboard between Renoise instances would be fantastic. A Shared Clipboard on/off button could allow you to share or to not share the clipboard for each instance. Renoise already allows sweet multiple instances so sharing the clipboard would be great!

That’s it! :D Renoise rewls. :yeah:

NE shares clipboard contents regardless which app you paste the contents in (even in notepad you can paste the contents)
It only shares the system clipboard though so the other internal clipboards would not come with it.
(you wouldn’t want that either because it would become confusing if you would have specific clipboard contents in other sessions that you don’t want to have overwritten)

Sounds good!
Edit: Next Edition? Awesome, looking forward to it!