A mood-swinging chip about being passive! Feedback appreciated :)

On another note, how do I change my display name? Do I need a moderator to do it for me? :P

I love it!

5/5! Would also ike to hear some more variety in vocals. :walkman:

Yes, you can make a topic, thread-reply or pm vV and he should get it done. Only make a firm decision. :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks a lot! ;) Even though I actually just wanted minimalistic/simplistic vocals, I do agree :P

PM sent, thanks for the hint :D

Sorry, but I’m not all into that kind of pop/chip/jazz sort of thing. Bias aside, it’s actually pretty good!

Nice tune :)
Those scratchy synth sounds (0:44) get me always smiling <3

Thanks for the comment anyways! :)

Hey, me too! :D

Nice track, I for one think the vocals sound great for the song. The synths are fun sounding. I’d like to offer a little constructive criticism and suggest that you try making the drums more dynamic. The basic beats you have now are good, but could be embellished a bit more. You’re using a realistic drum kit and varying the snare sometimes and maybe humanizing your tracks might make it sound even better. Good job!